What are Injective Pepes?

Injective Pepes is a community focused project, our goal is to build the best community on Injective and bring more people into the ecosystem.

What’s the total supply?

Total supply is limited to 3333 Pepes, ensuring plenty of chances for everyone to join the Pepe Party!

Whose the team behind Injective Pepes?

Crypto OGs since 2016 and $INJ enthusiasts. We remain anon for now, but not forever 🐸

What’s in store for Injective Pepes?

No roadmap, No VCs, just Pepes. Feels good man.

Mint Details

MINT DATE: September 14th on Talis
OG: 2 Free mints, max 8 discounted mints - 1 $INJ
WL: 1 Free mint, max 4 discounted mints - 1 $INJ
Public: Max 50 per wallet - 1.23 $INJ